Based on its location MyVunabaka delivers access to an endless supply of ocean related activities as well as access to a multitude of land based activities, enough to keep you busy all day and all night!


Surfing*, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite-surfing, stand-up paddling, sailing & boating, sea kayaking, game fishing, and anything else you can think of.


Mountain biking, tennis, yoga and meditation, running, walking, hiking, adventure picnics, access to local resorts for island hopping, massage therapy, golf on the mainland, helicopter tours, and even sky diving!



Experience the world famous Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Swimming Pools and other acclaimed Fiji surf breaks, with the closest being only a quick 20 minute boat ride away. Shared surf excursions or private surf charters available!


There is everything you could ever want on vacation!

Water Activities

Activities   prices
surfing   xx USD / hour
snorkelling diving   xx USD / hour
windsurfing   xx USD / hour
kite-surfing   xx USD / hour
stand-up paddling   xx USD / hour
sailing & boating   xx USD / hour
sea kayaking   xx USD / hour
game fishing   xx USD / hour

Land Activities

Activities   prices
Mountain biking   xx USD / hour
tennis   xx USD / hour
yoga and meditation   xx USD / hour
adventure picnics   xx USD / hour
access to local resorts for island hopping   xx USD / hour
massage therapy   xx USD / hour
helicopter tours   xx USD / hour
sky diving   xx USD / hour